Stroke Club

The Stroke Club is here to provide a social and therapeutic environment for people who have suffered from a stroke. Carers are also welcome and we hope we provide a place for people in similar situations, but possibly with differing capabilities, to spend a pleasant afternoon.


The members meet every Tuesday from 1.30 – 3.30pm. The club is run by volunteers, some of whom have suffered from a stroke themselves or have a near relative who has. New members are more than welcome so come along for tea, biscuits and a chat which is, of course, an important part of our afternoon. We also have visiting speakers, covering a wide range of subjects, slide shows, light entertainment etc. A Christmas party and an annual dinner at a local restaurant along with summer trips out to the coast and other places of interest make for a full scedule which we are more than happy to add to with suggestions.

We hope that we run a club that people look forward to visiting. We are well established and over time have shown that people who have suffered strokes are still a very happy band of individuals, despite their various degrees of disability.

Our maxim is that a stroke is not the end of the world. It is a disabling illness that varies in degree. A considerable and sometimes total recovery is possible in many cases. We try to contribute to that recovery but any success is very dependent on the patient’s co-operation and perseverance. We try and point the way by giving a programme of self help exercises. To this end three times a month the club is visited by a qualified keep fit instructor who demonstrates, with members taking part, approximately forty-five minutes of gentle exercises. These are mainly chair exercises and can be done at home. Members find this an enjoyable experience and also benefit from it. It is hoped that with regular practice, weak limbs and muscles will develop new strength and conscious application of effort will bring reserve brain cells into effect to take over the work of those damaged by the stroke.

We are grateful to those people and organisations who have made generous donations which help us to continue our programme. We do have to raise funds, so membership fees are paid and we also engage in fundraising and awareness events.

To stroke patients we say join us, work a little, play a little and improve your existence. You, and only you can do it, with a little help from your friends.

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